We are a husband and wife team who in 2007 saw a need and an opportunity at the same time, hence the beginning of our business – Home Re-use-ables!

David had been working in demolition for a few years, he started as an extra strong labourer!  Then, as the foreman of a demolition crew, he experienced the business end of “Reuse” and realized there was an opportunity to offer options to the Edmonton community.

David saw the enormous waste of reusable building materials along with the frustration of ecoconscious people such as contractors, builders, demolition companies and home owners seeing perfectly good materials going to waste, and decided there was a real need to redirect these materials.

He had the vision to create a business that not only provided an outlet for other businesses to bring used and excess building products to, but also the general public by buying their quality used building materials for resale.

Sherry’s former career was that of a banker, 25 years of fun!  When she decided it was time to create a bit of variety in her life, she too wanted to do something that would contribute to the health of our environment.  Sherry has always been passionate about the “reuse” philosophy and always having been an entrepreneur, was equally enthused with David’s vision and so it began.

Over family dinner with our son, we came up with our logo and business name and since then, Home Re-use-ables has grown organically.

We have gone from the two of us to a staff of six.  We started out in our garage until we located a building suitable to get our “leap of faith” off the ground and now, we have an entire building, a lumber yard, two covered Quonset’s and a delivery yard, all fronted by our retail store.

We have many many connections, work with numerous like minded people and get to contribute to our community and to our environment in the way we had hoped to and will continue to do so.  It truly is a “win win” for both ecoconscious consumers and contractors.

The need is there, the rewards are many!!!

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