Tiny House Progress Report

What a beautiful weekend for building a Tiny House and David and Sherry were busy building a tiny house on their country property.   The Tyvek went on and some of the plywood.  The progress is remarkable!

This tiny house has been constructed with mostly reclaimed building supplies from our store, Home Re-use-ables.

Stay tuned for further progress reports!



Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall cleaning doesn’t only mean soap and elbow grease. Although that is a big part of getting our lives in order after a busy summer of fun.
Once you have you taken time to select important items that you wish to keep, it is time to find a way to store them. It is often helpful to have view able storage. That is to say, to be able to view what you have in your storage unit. This way you can always have a good idea where your important items are located. Units with windows and doors will cut down on dusting also.
We have a variety of gently used storage units available at our store!