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Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered what you can find at Home Re-use-ables ?  Besides many things you might find a “bear” in the front yard.

Well you can find anything and everything from antique to modern. Our building salvage goods offer cost-efficient fixes and renovations as well as charming signature pieces for your home! Before heading out to the big box stores, pop on in for a smile, some entertaining conversation, and a peek to see if we have what you need for your handyman or decor project.

“When you contribute to the “Reuse” philosophy you make a difference to our environment and our world.”


Dave & Sherry


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Are you thinking about spring projects?

Have a look at the curb appeal of your home. Add shutters or a new porch railing or spindles to give your house more character. Every little touch increases the value of your house and will give you pleasure. You can find new and gently used materials that will help reduce “sprucing up costs” and at the same time recycle materials that are readily available at our store.

Have a look at the shingles on your home. There may be a few that require replacing. Finding new shingles for repairs is easy at Home-re-uables. Are you installing shingles on a garage or shed? You can choose from a variety of ‘in stock’ colors and styles. When the rain starts to fall you will nice and dry in your home and have a nice dry shed too!