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Halloween Crypt DIY

We love hearing from our customers, especially when they send us info on things they’re doing with items purchased from us here at Home Re-use-ables.   John Tancsics sent us this picture along with a supply list and instructions for a simple Halloween Crypt he built last year.  Here it is for those of you who are looking for a Halloween project and, you’ll be able to find a lot of the materials here at the store so hope to see you soon!

Thanks to John for sharing and have a spooktacular Halloween everyone!







– one plan interior Door 32″ (this will be the top of the crypt, prefer one without door holes but easily patched and will be covered with paint)
– one set of Bi-fold closet doors (one set gives you two sides of the crypt)
– two cupboard doors (get one with some embellishments or ones that match bi-fold door, make sure it’s as long as the door you will use to top it with, these will be the end caps to the crypt)
– four Angle brackets (used to hold the sides together)
– 16 wood screws
– drywall compound (mix paint with this to create what is called monster mud, it gives a chalking airbrushed look to black paint and provides some thickness)
– paint (any will do however black turns more grey)
– mannequin (I used a half torso, the legs are actually plastic bags rolled up with dollar store feet)
– wig (Optional, covered with monster mud will look like plaster)
– curtain rods (used for the sides of the crypt, painted with monster mud will add embellishments, you can use dowels, door handles etc.

– to keep this lightweight and easy to put away after, I used 4 “L” shaped brackets with screws (you can re-purpose the hinges of the bi-fold doors as brackets too)
– screw the bi-fold doors to the cupboard doors to form a hollow box, no need to have a bottom as this will store
nothing. Just lay the door on top of it, the weight of the door will prevent it from moving around. If you’re concerned someone will knock it over you can use the hinges or brackets and screw it down. My door was too short so I added a strip of wood around my door (just glued and screwed it directly to the underneath of the door). This added a layer
look to the crypt lid, so wasn’t a bad mistake after all.
– I dressed my mannequin in an old cheap costume, screwed the arms and torso down, then covered everything with monster mud. After a few coats I added highlights of black, green and white paint.
– add some lights pointing at it and you get a very haunting look that will have guest wondering if they saw it move.
– this can be torn down quickly too.

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Happy New Year!

With the holiday excitement and new year festivities behind us, it’s easy to fall into the humdrums with winter dragging on.  Take heart, Dave and the gang have been busy tidying and organizing the shop to help inspire your 2015 projects!

New lighting can spark a new outlook!  Change your hallway fixtures for a fresh spin on the cheap.  Ditto with handles and hardware around the house.  Feeling bold? Spray paint them a bold colour before installation!  This is your year to get all those little annoying projects out of the way!

Need some inspiration?  Our opinionated staff can help! (ha ha!) Seriously though, some of the best ideas come from bouncing yours off others and letting it evolve into EXACTLY what you need!  Our talented and creative cast of characters around the shop are more than qualified problem-solvers on the DIY scene.  Oh heck, just come in for a chin-wag and get excited about your project!  We’re happy to help!