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Many hands contribute, many hands benefit

I saw this image the other day and it made me want to share something I have been thinking about lately.

Our business really is a niche business, yet so many people are benefiting from it. This image with all the hands reminded me that so many people touch the materials we acquire. From the producers to the tradesman to the seller to the consumer then to the salvage crew and onto a new consumer!
With all these hands we can all contribute to our world, a long long life span for products and producing less.
Also Home Reuseables buys and pays for our stock/materials for the most part, including house salvages and from contractors and individual customers.
So who benefits???
Sellers like trades people,home owners and contractors,and of course everyone saves on landfill fees.
Also benefiting are our employees, who work full time for a reasonable wage. As we all know these days its a bonus to have a regular job, regular hours and living wage!
We get a lot of requests for discounts on our prices. We do our best to research the cost of most items and appreciate your feedback and suggestions, we do our best to accommodate where we can and then there are times when we, like many other small businesses need to earn enough to cover our costs, expenses and pay our staff and continue to provide good quality,experienced building materials, so sometimes we are not able to reduce any lower. If we do then this entire picture changes for all involved.
Back to the image:
Many hands contribute, many hands benefit.
We value all of our customers both buyers and sellers, we value all our hardworking employees, we feel good about the well rounded contribution both environmentally and fiscally to our community.


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Heritage Day Long Weekend

The first Monday of August, known as Heritage Day in Alberta, is not officially a statutory holiday but some people and businesses take the day off anyway.  Home Re-use-ables does so if you’re off Monday too and planning to shop this weekend for your home reno projects, make sure to come in on Saturday.  Whether you come to buy your materials or just to have a look around for inspiration, you’ll be amazed at what you find!  Take a look at our current inventory but keep in mind, that’s only a fraction of what you’ll find in-store.  Have a wonderful weekend, long or short, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Looking for other things to do this weekend?  Check out this link, courtesy of To Do Canada, for ideas.