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Are you thinking about spring projects?

Have a look at the curb appeal of your home. Add shutters or a new porch railing or spindles to give your house more character. Every little touch increases the value of your house and will give you pleasure. You can find new and gently used materials that will help reduce “sprucing up costs” and at the same time recycle materials that are readily available at our store.

Have a look at the shingles on your home. There may be a few that require replacing. Finding new shingles for repairs is easy at Home-re-uables. Are you installing shingles on a garage or shed? You can choose from a variety of ‘in stock’ colors and styles. When the rain starts to fall you will nice and dry in your home and have a nice dry shed too!

Top 10 Spring Renovations

Today is our 4th week of Spring, and as a change from gardening tips I thought we could go through the top 10 Spring renovations. Now that its finally nice outside, there is so much to get done! From re-shingling to creating a living space outdoors 🙂

This Spring and Summer pick a renovation and stick to it. To often we attempt to do more then we can handle with such a short time to complete all that we want to. It is best to simply pick one project, then when that is done move on to another!


Lets start with number 10! Why not it’s a good enough spot to start 🙂

10)  Roofing!! Unless you have recently had a disaster effect your roof, you can wait 15-20 years to re shingle your roof. There are so many choices to make now for your new roof. I found an article written by Mike Holmes and he shares his view on the best shingles to use: If you are not doing the work yourself then you are more then likely looking at $3000-5000.00

If your doing it yourself then on average, shingles are going to cost anywhere from $1 to as much as $5 per square foot for a basic asphalt shingle. Plus all the equipment to do it … and maybe drinks and food for the poor souls you con into helping you! 😉  But really it is a necessary thing to do, and it gives your house a new lease on life.

9) Laying new grass. I don’t know about you, but lawns are a bother to maintain. They are great, don’t get me wrong. I love being able to lay on the grass and relax. But it attracts ants, it gets hard, we have a drought and it dies… the list goes on and on. So if you are redoing your lawn this year here are some things for you to go on! You can lay sod, or you can seed. My personal preference in sod, why? Because its faster and you get an instant lawn. It is more expensive, but really I would rather pay the money to get it done that day instead of waiting. Here is a link so a website about your choices:

 8) Yes, this is a big expense, but boy is it ever going to make a difference in the appearance and curb appeal of your home. Add shutters or gingerbread or a new porch railing or spandrels to give your house more character. Every little touch increases the value of your house and will give you pleasure.  Go to your local home improvement store and grab a swatch of exterior paint samples or siding samples. You’ll have a field day trying to select the perfect color for the body of your house and its trim.  


7)  Move….. yes. That’s right apparently coming in at number 7 is moving. Pack up your stuff, don’t forget the kids and pets and get out! Move on to something better that doesn’t need as much work 🙂

6) Kitchen renovations. Now that it is warm outside, it is the perfect time to get going on the kitchen. Take out the windows, get new floors… no.. wait.. that’s opening up a whole other problem. Lets just do the windows, cabinets, and counters!!!! Here at Home Reuseables, we have plenty of options for your kitchen! We have lots of counter tops, we even carry whole kitchens. We do NOT carry appliances. So come in get started and by the time cool weather rolls around and you’re ready for some chili and hot chocolate your new and improved kitchen will be ready to roll.

5) Building a new fence. Possibly just as irritating as re-shingling your house, if you have the know-how and the man power to do this job yourself. Go for it, you will save on money and you’ll get a good work out! The main goal of a fence is to have privacy. Also great for keeping your kids and pets INSIDE a safe place 🙂 With professional installation it can cost $5-$35 a foot or $600-$4,000 for 100′ of fencing. But with doing it yourself, you pay the cost of materials. Here is a site to help you with some costs. You can also call us, or come in to see what we have in store!!




4) Outdoor kitchens. From a simple lay out such as a fire pit, and BBQ, all the way to a full out kitchen and dinning area. The vast majority of people LOVE to eat outdoors. Stereo-typically, men love to cook outdoors. Guess what guys? Women do to! Yes we love that you want to cook for once but remember to share 😉 If you are going to be doing ANY digging, please remember to look before you dig. We don’t want you to get shocked, or hit a water pipe. Here is a site with lots of pictures and ideas:



3) Creating a poolside oasis. Ok so even if you don’t have a pool… like me. I can still create a lovely area for me to sit and relax in. But if you do have a pool, then you should have someplace to sit/lay and soak in the rays of the sun. You know… before it vanishes for 6-8 months!!!! Go to Canadian Tire, or Sears.. really anywhere that sells outdoor furniture. Pick out what you want in your space, do you want to put up small walls to create more privacy? Do you want lots of flowers? You have a lot of choice, and not long to finish it all!

2) Landscaping. Ok this is really a huge undertaking. Regardless of if your putting in a pond, a patio, new grass, ect. The list is endless of what you can do in your front and back yard. What if you have allergies? You want a rock/succulent garden. Well dang rocks are heavy!! You want a fish pond, please for the love of everything. Do your research or ask a professional for help.

1) Ok… well I think that number 1 is a cop-out. Like really? Anyways number one on the list of top 10 Spring renovations is……



Create an entire outdoor living space. Place your new outdoor living space next to your home, preferably next to a room that has lots of windows or doors so that the new living space is an extension of your home, and you have easy access to it. You might even want to install a wall of sliding glass doors that connect the inside to the outdoor and visually increase the space. Your outdoor room can be a screened in porch, for instance. You can put up a gazebo that is within walking distance of your home and which you can see, and enjoy, from inside your home. Create paths out of rock pebbles or flagstone that lead to the gazebo.

Surround your outdoor space, whether it’s a screened in porch or gazebo, with plants and shrubs, placing hostas in the shady areas, and adding trailing vines and climbing roses and big, beautiful hydrangeas. It will truly be a quiet, relaxing haven for you and your family. Add solar lights and lit torches at night. Hang wind chimes in the trees and listen to them tinkle in the wind.




🙂 I hope you have enjoyed, and even gotten something out of this weeks post. I enjoyed writing it, and once again. If anyone wants to share their renovations with us. Please just email us pictures at :

Meghan (the one writing the blog) will be more then happy to put your pictures into our blog and on facebook!

Have a great sunny weekend everyone. Talk more next week.