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Bathroom Renovations – What should you be doing?

With bathroom renovations; especially if you are doing them yourself here are some key points to remember.

Budgeting: Set yourself a budget. Bathrooms can be very time consuming, as well as expensive. Women have the great desire to have a spa like haven, but there are ways to get there without breaking the bank. You don’t need to go to the big name department stores to get new or very gently used items. Home Reuseables, amongst other Eco-friendly  renovation shops have many items for you. Sometimes we even have brand new, pristine condition showers, baths, and steam showers! Figure out what is most important (shower, vanity, toilet) and then figure out what to add in (tiles, light fixtures ect.).

Time: Renovations can take up a lot of your time. For a smaller bathroom they can take a few days, but for a larger grander bathroom they can take ….. well a lot more time then a smaller one!! You also want to plan carefully. Some homes only have one bathroom, so you want to plan ahead for showers. It may be in your best interest to order ahead of time for your materials so the installing can be done much faster.

In the link above you can find the entire 15 point check list.

One of the funner and creative parts of a renovation is the designing! But along with design you must remember functionality. Your not going to want to put in a large bathtub if you wont have enough room to go to the bathroom or wash your hands! Make sure to measure. Measure twice in fact, to make sure that you wont mess up. Remember to have fun with your renovation if you can. Crank up the tunes, dont be afraid to listen to the advise of Ms. Frizzel from the Magic School Bus “take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!!”. Well….. try not to make to many mistakes 🙂

Hope to see more of you renovaters out and in our store 🙂

Happy New Year!

With the holiday excitement and new year festivities behind us, it’s easy to fall into the humdrums with winter dragging on.  Take heart, Dave and the gang have been busy tidying and organizing the shop to help inspire your 2015 projects!

New lighting can spark a new outlook!  Change your hallway fixtures for a fresh spin on the cheap.  Ditto with handles and hardware around the house.  Feeling bold? Spray paint them a bold colour before installation!  This is your year to get all those little annoying projects out of the way!

Need some inspiration?  Our opinionated staff can help! (ha ha!) Seriously though, some of the best ideas come from bouncing yours off others and letting it evolve into EXACTLY what you need!  Our talented and creative cast of characters around the shop are more than qualified problem-solvers on the DIY scene.  Oh heck, just come in for a chin-wag and get excited about your project!  We’re happy to help!