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Getting Ready for Spring Planting?

I have always wanted my own little greenhouse.  And of course working at Home Re-use-ables., I started to plan what I needed for this project.  I looked around the store and found the glass for the walls.   Then I went outside to our lumber yard and there I found 2 x 4 for the frame.  Well that was easy but now how do I open and close the door.  Well I went into the hardware room and found the perfect latch.

Now to begin construction…This is my vision for how it will look like.  I will keep you all updated on my progress.



Are you getting married this year?

Are you getting married and looking for interesting and unique ideas and items?  Home-re-usables & Refunk’d is the place to come and check out.   We have beautiful barn board & antique doors to create an entrance to your event that will create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests.


Have you thought of a seating plan display for your event?  Here’s an idea!  Use an antique window and write on the glass panes to display your seating plan.



Do you want a bar at your special event?  We have lots of pallets that can be used to create a bar.  This could be a fun addition to any party.  Easy to make and affordable idea!