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Do you want to update your outdoor or indoor kitchens??

There are many folks updating their kitchens whether they are indoor or outdoor kitchens.  We are the “go to” store to check in with before you buy new!  We currently have lots of gently used kitchens in variety of styles and sizes.   Large and small, variety of colors and even metal cabinets.  Our customers have transformed their homes with products from our store.  Here’s just a sample of what we have in store and at a fraction of the price of new.


Getting Ready for Spring Planting?

I have always wanted my own little greenhouse.  And of course working at Home Re-use-ables., I started to plan what I needed for this project.  I looked around the store and found the glass for the walls.   Then I went outside to our lumber yard and there I found 2 x 4 for the frame.  Well that was easy but now how do I open and close the door.  Well I went into the hardware room and found the perfect latch.

Now to begin construction…This is my vision for how it will look like.  I will keep you all updated on my progress.