CTV News Interview

How Fun!

Our interview went well yesterday on CTV Edmonton news. Here’s hoping you had a chance to see it. So now I can tell you how it came to be: We applied for a grant/contest through CTV and Alberta Treasury Branch called “Grow Alberta” and we came in as the runner up! There were over 50 great small business’s who applied here in Alberta! We needed to describe our contribution to the Alberta Economy. As you may know we harvest “ALL” our materials locally, we save contractors, demo company’s, home owners and other local business’s money by saving perfectly good quality materials from the landfill. In turn we save our customers a great deal of money on their projects when they come into our store to purchase viable reuseable building materials. WE all win… The judges were impressed and excited to learn more about our business. They felt we demonstrated initiative, interest and were genuine in our philosophy about our store, our customer service and the benefits of “Reuse”. Yeah for us!