Getting Your Lawn and Garden Ready

Ok so we have talked about gardening, spring renovations. Tea cup gardening, and forcing bulbs. This week is our second last week of Spring inspiration, and I am going to be writing about prepping your garden and your lawn for the summer.


Raking your lawn is not NEEDED but its like giving your hair a trim to keep it healthy. We remove the dead grass by raking, and it makes the necessary room for the new fresh grass to come through. You want to wait until the ground is not soggy to begin your clean up. That way you don’t disturb the root system of the grass, and you wont make a huge mess.

Many people will also use aeration on their lawn. This is essentially punching holes in your grass.

Aerating your lawn is essential for ensuring that it has plenty of room to grow and thrive. Aerating is the process of removing little plugs of soil, giving benefits to the lawn. Some of the many benefits that are provided by aerating include:

  • Reduction in the amount of weeds
  • A greater amount of nutrients reaching the roots
  • Preventing soil compaction
  • Increases growth
  • Improves oxygen circulation at the roots
  • Help the roots absorb fertilizer
  • Help increase activity of friendly organisms such as earthworms





Prepping Your Garden…….

Ok so your lawn is ready for the summer. But what about your garden? If you didn’t take care of it in the fall…. like me. Then you have plenty of work to do. You will need to clear out the dead plants, turn over the soil, and it wouldn’t hurt to add fertilizer and peat moss into the soil. Keep it fresh and full of nutrient.

The best part of spring for me is seeing my lilies, and bleeding hearts begin to pop up 🙂 Tomorrow we are doing Tea Cup gardening at work, and I am so excited to get my hands dirty. About another month until I feel safe enough about our weather to plant outside.