Have you ever wondered?

What kind of things can be found in our store?

From antique to modern, our building salvage goods offer cost-efficient fixes and renovations as well as charming signature pieces for your home! Before heading out to the big box stores, pop on in for a smile, some entertaining conversation, and a peek to see if we have what you need for your handyman or decor project.

When you contribute to the “Reuse” philosophy you make a difference to our environment and our world.”

Come on by and check out the the terrific selection of recovered building materials we have to offer. It changes daily so plan to come in on a regular basis and, give yourself time to browse. You won’t be disappointed! Customers describe visiting Home Reusables as their “guilty pleasure” and we can all use more of that 😉

And while you’re here, take a look at our REFUNKD items and our selection of FAT PAINT and SPEARHEAD goods.


David & Sherry