We have a 3 step process.

Step 1: We Find The Materials
Step 2: We Process the Materials
Step 3: We Add Them to Our Many Showrooms

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1: We Find The Materials

Our expert team acquire our materials from various sources in the Edmonton area including: properties undergoing demolitions, properties undergoing renovations, and from people like you who sell us good quality materials.  We have a number of different sources, here’s a quick breakdown:

Demolition companies

We get a lot of commercial materials from restaurant, office building, warehouse, retail store demolitions.

Demolition companies like us because our expert crews are insured and fast. The demolition company saves on haulage fees and labor, we get excellent materials at a reasonable price, and you get the same. Win, win, win.

Renovation companies

Many times renovators are asked to remove building materials that are perfectly good. Say, windows removed for an expansion, good cupboard sets, doors, plumbing fixtures, and much more. We buy them, fix or clean them, and they’re good to go.

Restoration companies

These folks bring us materials from a house that has been damaged in some way. When they remove a damaged item, they frequently remove matching undamaged items, like windows, doors, etc., so that when a rebuild is done, all the parts match.


Lots of people do lots of things:

House demolitions

We tour and photograph a house and the interior contents before it is slated to be torn down and we figure out what materials can be harvested, what we will be able to sell in our store.  We do an evaluation to determine what we will pay the home owner, then set a date for the demo crew to dismantle and bring us back a trailer full of treasure!

Moving and estates situations

Lots of materials spend a bit of time in the garage or back yard (or back 40 acres), and then make their way to us from family members helping to sort out all the stuff “We might need one day”.

Excess sell offs

Bought too much material, but don’t want to try selling it on line?

Then there’s auctions, Construction Company excess and mis-orders, barn finds, et cetera.

Lots and lots of et cetera.

Step 2: We Process the Materials

Next stop is the intake and processing room. Our staff reassemble and repair, give a quick clean, and then sit down at the computer to see what the price of a similar or identical item is on line. We generally set our price at under half of new, many times much less. On goes the price tag, out goes the merchandise.

Step 3: We Add Them to Our Many Showrooms

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