It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Everyone’s busy this morning putting up Christmas decorations and laughing and generally being festive – what’s not to love about being surrounded by creative folk turning shredded dryer vent into garland?!

How many of you also get innovative with goodies laying around when it comes to your decorating?  A quick tour of Pinterest and you could be set for life in terms of holiday projects alone!  WHEN do you find time to tackle DIY decor projects?  Do you start in the summer, when the cold and snow seem so far off?  Do you wait until the kids are back in school in September?  Or are you like me and make yourself completely nuts in December and settle for whatever happens to get done, promising to start earlier next year?

Confessions aside, there is something inherently cooler about unique DIY decorations.  Knowing that no one else has the EXACT same thing as you is satisfying to the “I need to be my own person” part of the soul.  So far my repertoire extends only to tree ornaments but the PLAN is to convert all the Christmas decor to handmade.   I just need to start sooner!