It’s Catch up Time!!!

I know you haven’t heard from us for a bit but there is a reason for that!

We have had a “Tremendous” amount of new and cool stuff happening at Home Reuseables this summer!

I want to give you a quick rundown and then we will keep you updated on a more regular basis.

Things have been hopping here with demolitions.  Throughout the summer we have completed 22 houses and currently have 13 approved and waiting for the demolition permits from the city, then we will be completing those as well.

We have built 6 full lumber sheds to keep our incoming lumber dry, sorted and off the ground and it makes it so much easier for you to shop for lumber in the yard.

We have been working on a new and improved web site, one that is more pleasant to look at, friendlier to use and informative.

We have a new staff member, Gail who brings some terrific technical skills and lots of enthusiasm for our business.  She is responsible for the amazing volume of material being advertised on kijiji, renoback and our web site.

We have added our “Store within the store” REFUNK’D. This is an extension of our business, where some beautiful home decor items are made from used building materials that are no longer viable in their current form. We have some very talented staff!

We are now carrying a brand of Chalk style paint called “FAT PAINT” that is Canadian made, right in BC.  It is a water based home decor paint, super coverage, nontoxic, no odor and can be used indoors on almost any surface, no sanding easy to work with!  It is an amazing product……. We all love it!

One of things customers were always in search of was cast iron hardware and we could never keep what we recovered from demolitions in supply so Sherry decided to see what she could find. Turns out she found someone that could supply beautiful handmade cast iron hardware, so we now carry that as well. The variety is wonderful, each piece is hand cast and we are the only retail outlet for this in the city.

We have had some great business connections and interviews throughout the summer and early fall, and have more to look forward to in the coming months.  We’ve work with window dressers, designers, movie directors, actors from the fringe, set decorators and even the city police!

As always Dave and I believe in giving back to our community and continue to contribute to a number of charities.

All in all our business Home Reuseables and that of the Reuse industry has grown in leaps and bounds and is continuing to grow. This is because of Edmontonians, both consumers and business owners alike, who share our vision to contribute to the health of our environment and the betterment of our world.

Dave and I want to thank you all and look forward to seeing you in person at the store and, we will continue to keep you updated on an ongoing basis through our website, facebook, pinterest, twitter……