June Update!!

Well no posts were made in May as I (Meghan) was sick with pneumonia … But after a month of being flat out I am back!

Last month was Mothers day, and we held a contest in the store. We also held a tea cup gardening class, as well as a garden sale. We are trying to promote our “Re-Funk’d” section more. Its the perfect time to come in and see what items we have for you home or garden.

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2015-04-22 09.02.35




Besides a few promotions we had, we were busy all month doing demolitions. As well as cleaning and organizing the store. Walking in today I thought we had been robbed it looked so clean and spacious. Which really just means we now have more room to fill up 🙂

Now it’s June and Fathers day is coming up.  From June 8-13th we will be having a “Man-Cave” sale. Guys come in and get creative! You’ve wanted to fix up, make, or finish your man cave right? Well come in next week and get going! Every $20 you spend you will be entered into a draw. Whats the draw for? I’m not sure, I will post those details on facebook when I know exactly what is a stake.

Also the first day of Summer is on the 21st. Its been very nice so far, but we would love to have more rain so the fire ban could be lifted in time for camping. Schools almost out, and soon your kids (or grandkids) will be hounding you to keep them busy cause they are bored….. why not put that to use. If they are old enough they can help with renovations. Or they can build something. It always feels good seeing something you built yourself 🙂 To young to do something by themselves? Help them make a little garden, or a bird house. Even painting, kids love to get messy!!

Well thats enough for today, look for the next post coming next Friday. If anyone ever has a suggestion of what they would like to see me write about please let me know on facebook!!!!