We are super excited here at Home Re-useables! We are updating our store and bringing in Lampe Berger’s!! You don’t know what that is? Lampe Berger’s are home fragrance oil defusers. No heavy scents, and if you are allergic to any scent you can simply get the Neutral oil.

500 ml of Lampe Berger oil lasts up 20 hours of use and up to 80 hours of fragrance. Simple to use and they come in a large variety of scents and unique lamps.

All you do is fill the lamp with oil, add the wick. Light the top, and let it burn for 2 minutes. Blow out the flame and put the lid back on. You can get everything you need for the lamps here. From the starter kits to the oils, and new lamps. Prices are reasonable and well worth it!


As soon as we get them displayed and ready to go we will let you know! Get ready to smell the amazing scents of Lampe Berger!



As well as Lampe Berger’s, we are starting up classes! Little “how-to” classes, with FAT Paint, and re-purposing! We LOVE being able to re-use home and garden items. So be on the look out for the postings of class dates and costs.


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