Spring Rain

As I sit in my office looking out at the Spring Rain streaming down, it gives me time to ponder what projects I could be doing.

I always get so inspired in the early part of the year and like to set myself goals and deadlines on things I want to do in the yard and around the house. Well by golly this year I’m moving along nicely with my goals! In part thanks to the right kind of materials coming in through the store. We have had an abundance of building products arriving. It’s a real cool thing when other people are getting at their projects it creates opportunity for yours.

We currently have 26 yes I did say 26 pending demolition calls….. Meaning 26 houses being demolished in the next few months. That a boat load of materials!!!

We have done a real consistent stream of salvage work already this year hence all the stock we have on hand.

Why not come on into the store check out what we’ve got. we promise to give you lots of inspiration, ideas and great deals!