Starting Your Garden Indoors

Welcome to our second week of gardening inspiration! This week I am focusing on starting your garden indoors. With seeds or bulbs. Last year when I planted my garden I thought I had given my bulbs enough time to get going, But I was wrong and sadly my Gladiolas did not bloom 🙁 I came upon a post about starting your bulbs indoors in a bit of water and rocks. So this yea I will doing this 🙂

Starting bulbs indoors lets you force the bulbs to make them flower out of season. Crocuses, daffodils, tulips and irises are some of the bulbs that can be started and grown in vases with gravel. The bulbs must be chilled in the refrigerator before planting and exposing them to warmth. Use larger vases for large bulbs or a multitude of bulbs.

All you have to do is get a vase, or really any container. I prefer a clear vase because I can see the bulb and the growth of the roots. Before you put the bulb into the water, you will need to cool the bulb. Place the bulb in a cool, dark area for four to six weeks. You don’t want the bulb to be sitting in water so you want to have rocks propping the bulb up and to keep the bulb from sitting directly in the water. If the area is too warm, the bulb will produce more leaves than blossoms. When the flower stalks appears, place the vase in a warm display area. Do not use the same bulb next year for forcing, because most of its stored energy has been used up. Throw out the bulb or plant it outside in the garden.

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Starting your seeds indoors:

For most seeds you dont need to start them early. But with some, like corn, squash, and mellons I would recommend starting early. For beans, and corn its easy enough you can simply put them in water and when they begin to sprout you can plant them in any small containers; when they have a nice stalk/sprout to them (and its warm enough outside) you can transplant them to your garden.

With other seeds simply get your containers ready with soil (peat-moss) and make sure its nice an moist. You can add fertilizer if you wish but I would wait until they are actually growing. Use your finger and push down the soil, you can drop in a seed , or more if the envelope says to. Cover the seed with the soil, dont push it down to hard. Then give it a good watering. Place the container/planter in a nice warm sunny area and watch everyday for the first signs of life 🙂

A great site to visit for more information is :


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As always if you want to please send us photos of your little garden, or large gardens 🙂 We love seeing your projects!

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