Style. Can you be pinned down to just one?

Last week I was lucky enough to find the latest edition of my FAVORITE magazine, “Flea Market Style”.  I think it’s only a quarterly thing and I can’t seem to pay attention to the publication dates so it is a happy day in Karen-land when I find it!  The magazine showcases and instructs on the gorgeous use of building salvage and other thrifted and scavenged finds in your home.  The point?  In it, most folks interviewed say, “buy what you love and it will work together in your home.”  REALLY?!

Over my salvaging/ scavenging/ thrifting/ flea marketing/ garage saleing years I have bought countless things I loved!  Not all of it works together.  So what’s the what here?

Only in my recent years of severely limited space have I determined my hitch…  I have a great appreciation for many styles, many vintages, many second-hand lovelies.  Very few of them, however, are things I would be mourning the loss of should the unthinkable happen to my collections.  What am I saying? The trick is to sort your appreciation from your desire.  I appreciate barn wood rustic; I appreciate 70s funk; I appreciate oil-rubbed bronze fixtures; I appreciate vintage floral table cloths – and, given unlimited space and time, I COULD wrangle cool spaces with all of it. But being neither a master of time nor space, I’ve had to learn how to drill down my “likes” to “must-haves”.  What would  I be willing to cry over if I missed out?

So can you be confined to one style?  I don’t know.  I don’t think so.  Make your own style.  It’ll suit you!