The Best Flowers To Attract Butterflies

The other day I was walking to my van and I saw the first butterfly of the year! I was so excited 🙂 And then I thought…. wouldn’t it be nice if I had a butterfly garden? Yes! This year I will have tons of herbs, and beautiful flowers everywhere!! On a side note…. spiders don’t like mint. Just saying.

Butterflies don’t need anything fancy or expensive. Just a large, open, sun-filled area, some nectar flowers for adult Butterflies, some food sources for caterpillars, shelter from extreme weather, a shallow butterfly ‘pool’, and a few good sunning rocks. These are just a small sample of flowers that attract butterflies. These are my top favorites!

Garden Phlox
Along with flowers, butterflies like warm places to sit and sun themselves. If you have a few nice rocks they will sit on them and soak in the rays. You can have fun with the rocks! Why not paint them? You can paint flowers on them, garden quotes, anything you want.
Butterflies also need a little pool of water. Just a small dish, or tupperware. You could have a bird bath, and put pebbles, and a couple larger rocks in it. That way you have the water and the rocks all together.
Butterflies for the most part will not harm your garden. The most harm they will cause is when they are caterpillars , and they will munch on some of your leaves. Moths on the other hand are a bit of a pain. For butterflies, its actually the opposite.  A healthy garden will attract butterflies, and they will balance your garden ecologically.
Well I hope that was helpful! Since I forgot to write a Spring post last week, this week I will be posting two!
Hmmmmm….. what will I post next time? Maybe a spring renovation is in store?
Stay tuned 🙂