What’s the fuss over chalk paint anyway?

FAT PaintOur classroom/ workshop area is near completion!  It’s no secret that Sherry has long dreamed of holding classes here at Home Reuseables, and we’re getting so close that she can just about smell the shared paint fumes (which, with chalk paint, there are none)!

I think one of the classes she’ll hold first will be on using that wondrous substance, chalk paint.  We carry the FAT Paint brand here in the store and Re-Funk’d boasts a number of revamped projects using it.

So, what’s the big deal with chalk paint, you ask?  Here’s the biggie: low to no prep on your projects.  For dive-in headfirst, think about prep later kind of folk like me, that’s a BIG selling point.  Sherry swears that most items only need a quick cleaning and you’re off.  What about super glossy stuff?  Quick sanding, wipe-down with a clean damp cloth and you’re good to go.  Of course, wood items take paint much better than that plastic laminate stuff, but in my research, apparently even that can come out looking lovely.  The finish isn’t as durable as on wood but you can still make some stellar-looking furniture.

But chalk paint is so expensive, you say? Well, okay, it’s more expensive than the typical latex or oil paints found in the hardware stores, (check out DIY chalk paint recipes here) but the experts agree, that what you save in prep time and ease of use more than makes up for the additional cost.

Like what kind of ‘ease of use’?

  • Like the kind where “a little dab’ll do ya” – chalk paint can often be applied in just one coat. That’s it!
  • Like the kind where the ingredients are non or low-toxic so you don’t have to evacuate your work space to create your masterpiece!
  • Like the kind where a coat of paint, a little sanding, and a wax rubdown turn out awesome pieces in the amount of time you’d spend prepping a standard latex job!

And if you like that waxed, distressed finish, nothing beats the compatibility of chalk paint.  Latex paints can come off feeling rubbery if a wax is applied. Unless you’re into rubbery furniture…

Convinced yet?  As a non-painter myself, I will admit that this chalk paint thing is looking mighty promising for my tired looking vintage kitchen chairs…  Maybe I’d better sign myself up for one of Sherry’s classes!  Keep watching and we’ll post notices as soon as it’s decided!